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The Christmas lights are put away, the decorations are back in the box and I have vacuumed up the pine needles and crumbs. 

The seasons and holidays just come and go way too fast for this Grandma. It’s funny how those poinsettias just aren’t as pretty in January as they were in December.  I guess it’s a good thing we always have another holiday coming up next month so we have something to look forward to.  

Well, now it’s on to Valentine’s Day. I love Valentine’s Day, mostly because it deals with love.  As a Grandma with 30 grandkids, there is a lot of love in my life, and it’s always fun to find ways to make the kids happy. 

Because it’s still winter in most of the world, I thought you would enjoy giving my new scarves for Valentine’s Day! Think about it as a warm hug around your neck from someone you love.  


Claire and Ivie are modeling my new Valentines plush scarves, the latest additions to the scarf collection.  Claire’s is based on 6” x 30” strip of fabric and Ivies is 9” x 30”. They are just a little smaller for those smaller necks. Actually that 6” one is a great one for any age if you like the warmth but not the bulk. And of course, there is one in the regular size.


I have also added some new twisty scarves in different soft cuddle prints. They are so warm and elegant. You may need one of each!

This is a good month to make a scarf, especially a love scarf. Watch the site for a few more additions in the Children’s sizes. 

If you go to the learning center on the web site you will see the video on making an infinity scarf, it’s pretty easy after you see just how to twist it.

Good luck, and have fun sharing the love and those warm hugs!




Dolse Vita




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