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Great News to my quilting friends!  As of October 1st, my friend Laurie Dance became the happy owner of Cuddle Soft Kits. Boy changes happen fast around here!  Laurie is so excited to get started in her new business and meet some new friends.

Laurie is a seasoned quilter. She loves to make Cuddle quilts and share them with her friends and family. In fact, that’s how I met her. I was at the eye Dr. where she works, and she was showing her co-workers her latest creation and of course I had to check it out. As we talked i told her about the website . When she shared her dream of owning her own quilt shop and on-line store, I told her I could make her dream come true, and together we did it! You are going to love her, and I promise you will enjoy working with her. Don’t be afraid to give her a call or send her an email with questions, she will have an answer. As you can see, it was a happy hand off, she is still smiling! So much fabric and so little time!

Winter is coming early and fast in Idaho.  Our forecast says the temperature will be 15 tonight and 14 tomorrow night. That’s way to cold. Sooooo, since it’s getting close to the time to be thinking about Christmas and gifts, lets start out with a scarf. We have lots of different ones to choose from and our infinity scarf is so easy, (and comes with a free pattern) you can make one for everyone in your neighborhood in an afternoon, and they will be so impressed, and warm! Check out the site for more details.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call Laurie (208-821-7424) or Email at

Have a great week, and remember to make someone happy, make them a cuddle quilt!

Pat and Laurie






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Quickly Quilting Magazine by Fon's & Porter's July/August issue is filled with projects made fro pre-cut strips and squares. Check out the new Tweet and Stomp quilts that I designed for them that are in this issue. They are made with one pack of the new Cuddle/Minkee 10" layer cakes by Shannon Fabrics. They are easy to make and will delight anyone on your list. The kits are available for $59.99. Be sure to order the magazine for additional patterns and great ideas.

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