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Brrrr!  Baby - it's cold outside!  Really Cold!  And not just here - it's cold all across the nation!
When it's this cold, the best thing to do is grab your warmest, softest, cuddliest blanket (we suggest the Lux Cuddle Throw - it's just so warm!) and cuddle up by the fire with a book and hot chocolate!
The best thing about the Lux Cuddle Throw - it's ready to cuddle.  No sewing needed!!
But if you're snug as a bug in your toasty warm house and are looking for some fun crafting to do - we've got you covered!

Check out these new kits:



*  Moon Light Blues    **   (60" x 68")


               *  Wrangler *                                                                    *English Garden *


               *  Sweet Treats *                                                       * Tickle Monster  *

                *  911   *                                                                          *  Trail Mix *





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Baby Blankets are always in season!

Look what's new!

Quickly Quilting Magazine by Fon's & Porter's July/August issue is filled with projects made fro pre-cut strips and squares. Check out the new Tweet and Stomp quilts that I designed for them that are in this issue. They are made with one pack of the new Cuddle/Minkee 10" layer cakes by Shannon Fabrics. They are easy to make and will delight anyone on your list. The kits are available for $59.99. Be sure to order the magazine for additional patterns and great ideas.

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