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Hello Friends,
 Summer came and now I'm pretty sure Fall is sneaking in fast! I love fall and all the colors it brings! 
Have you ever seen the " By the Yard Calendars"? They are so fun to read!
My friend sent me this comic. Just imaging yourself at the counter purchasing some fabric.  You are talking to the cashier. You say to the cashier " What's the difficutly level of this quilting pattern?  The cashier says, On a scale of blissful "Tranquility" to " Rage Inducing", That one is between "Moderate Swearing" and " Intermittent Tantrums"! 
In the classes I teach and along with tutorials from this website and from Shannon Fabrics we all teach the tips and tricks with working with Minky Fabric.  We  don't want you to be afraid of sewing with Minky fabric. We want you to know you can make beautiful and lots of fun things with Minky fabric.  Don't be intimidated ! It is a very forgiving fabric. Don't forget these few tips such as:
-using a 90/14 stretch needle
- using 505 spray
-using soft and durable 80/20%cotton ad polyester batting
-using a walking foot 
-Wash in cold water / no liquid fabric softner / tumble dry low heat
See how easy those tips were!

The Holidays are coming up fast and we would love to help you get started!
Everyone needs their own soft and cuddly Minky Blanket! 
Order Your kits today or a finished quilt to make your life easier!
Thanks for your orders and for being great customers,

Happy Sewing,

Cuddle Soft Kits

Happy Sewing to you all,

Cuddle Soft Kits and The Minky Quilt Shop

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call Laurie (208-821-7424) or Email at Remember to make someone happy, make them a cuddle quilt!

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Quickly Quilting Magazine by Fon's & Porter's July/August issue is filled with projects made fro pre-cut strips and squares. Check out the new Tweet and Stomp quilts that I designed for them that are in this issue. They are made with one pack of the new Cuddle/Minkee 10" layer cakes by Shannon Fabrics. They are easy to make and will delight anyone on your list. The kits are available for $59.99. Be sure to order the magazine for additional patterns and great ideas.

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