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Top Ten Reasons to Shop at Cuddle Soft!

1. Buying kits for our blankets is just easier! – We do the pattern making, measuring, and cutting for you. We take the hardest part out of sewing so that you can still enjoy the craft without having to do the busy work!

2. The blanket is quilted as you go! – In addition to getting a blanket that is precut for you, you get a blanket that is quilted as you go, when you finish putting the strips together, all that’s left to do is the binding!

3. Kits have super soft fabric! – It’s no secret that minky is the best fabric to snuggle with. What you might not know is that it’s not just for babies anymore. Enjoy minky fabric for adults, children of all ages, and, of course, babies.

4. Blankets are customizable! –While we know it’s nice to have a kit, we also know that it can be fun to add your own fun ideas into the mix. Because of this, we give you the option of picking out some specific colored strips to add into your Cuddle Soft quilt and make it your own.

5. We offer free shipping! – We want to help you out so we’ll give you free shipping on all orders over $100 to anywhere in the United States!

6. We give you easy instructions! – We not only provide you with a kit, but we also tell you what to do with it. In our learning center we have videos, pictures, and instructions for each step of the process in making your Cuddle Soft quilt. We’d also be happy to answer any of your questions.

7. We have a great newsletter! – At least once a month we send out a newsletter to keep you updated on new products, sales, and great tips!

8. We have sales! – Just like everyone else, we love great sales. We offer you great sales to make Cuddle Soft kits even more affordable than they already are!

9. Our blankets are washable! – We know you don’t need one more thing to worry about, so throw this blanket in the wash with everything else and it will come out just as soft as it was in the beginning!

10. We’re always getting new things! – At Cuddle Soft, we love to look for new fabrics, new kits, and new ideas that we can bring to you, so stay tuned!

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