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A BIG GREEN SALE - and Happy St. Paddy's Day too!

We made it! While we are still getting a few snow storms and a few wintery days I think we can safely say we have made it through the worst of winter. I admit that March is still cold but we know spring is on its way.  So…Lets think green.  Green is the color of grass, plants, shamrocks and (just as soon as spring gets here) trees!

For March I would like to do a GREEN SALE In honor of St. Patrick’s Day let’s do everything on the site with green in it on sale through March. That’s a pretty good sale, and should help you hang on to some of your green! Remember free shipping on all orders over $100 so don’t forget to order your backs, battings and the spray.  I am sure there is a quilt with green in it for every member of your family!  A good project will make this last cold month go a lot faster.

Is anyone out there having trouble sewing with Cuddle?  One of the best ways to ensure a successful experience is to make sure your machine is working properly. Your project can only be a good as your machine. Start with making sure it is clean; take out the bobbin, clean around the casing, make sure the bobbin is threaded properly and in placed in the casing correctly with the thread going the right direction.  Re-thread your machine, making sure it is threaded correctly without the thread twisted around anything.   Always using a high quality thread makes a big difference. The less expensive polyester threads never make as nice a stitch as the cotton ones do.  The last and very important step is to use the correct needle. I always recommend the Schmetz #90 Stretch needle. It’s heavy enough to handle the weight and bulk but doesn’t leave a big hole.  These are all little details, but I know that this is the place to start if things just aren’t looking just right.

Thanks for all of your support. I am getting a lot of comments on your successes making Cuddle quilts for your family.  They are certainly addicting, but a very positive one. Is there a better way to show your family how much you love them than to make them a warm snuggly hug?  My grandkids sure love them.

Good luck with your projects!

Make someone you love happy, make them a Cuddle Quilt! 

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