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Want to see our lovely NEW spring quilts?

One of my Mother’s favorite songs from years ago is “Spring Time in the Rockies”.  It’s a great love song, that brings a lot of old memories to mind - for me as well as her; but often when I think about living close to the Rocky Mountains, it’s that spring is probably unusually late, as usual. The advantage of a late spring is that it’s too cold to work outside so you can make just a few more quilts.

Are you looking for a great quilt for kids? Well, we have you covered; check out this new quilt we just added for the animal lover.  Actually, it’s not really new, just resized. I took the Animal Skin Quilt kit, which is our best seller and turned it into the 45” x 60” throw. I am always asked for something for the little boys and this is a great one!  Actually, this will make any animal lover happy.  If you live in Idaho like me, or any northern (colder) state, you may want to add the batting, but if you just want a “snuggle quilt” on the couch, try it without one. Either way you get a warm cuddly animal hug. It made my Grandson Connor very happy. 

Another new addition is the Spice Market applique quilt. It’s a bright and colorful applique quilt designed by Heidi Pridmore for Quilt magazine. It is in the June/July issue that just came out. I was asked to supply the kits for them. It finishes at 56” x 66”. She has machine quilted it, but with a little creativity, it could be done using our sew and flip method by sewing on each row from the center out, and then adding the borders. After you have fused those strips down it’s pretty easy to go back and add some other topstitching or design stitches.  The Cuddle Spice Market line is a beautiful new group. Watch the site for other designs using that colorful line.

My sister Molly, my sewing and Quilt Market partner, received a great wall sign for her birthday that inspiried me.  It says, “A bed without a quilt is like a night without stars.”  Those of us that love to make and give quilts can understand that. Quilts are just a part of our lives. My niece told me that when she went to college some of her roomates had never had a quilt, and she felt so bad for them.  It’s not always about the warmth, while that is important, it’s about the love. Remember, make someone happy, make them a cuddle quilt!

Keep on sewing, keep on sewing, keep on sewing.

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