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Design your own Snuggle Blankets? Yes, please!

It’s a beautiful fall day in Idaho. So far this week we have had rain, snow, wind and sunshine. The seasons here change fast, and sometimes we get a different one every day. Regardless of the temperature wherever you are, it is the beginning of the season of gratitude, giving and making others happy. I hope that during this happy season I can help you find the projects and quilts that will delight and warm all of the loved ones on your list.

I have just returned from a busy week at quilt market. It is always so fun to go see the new and exciting things that are offered there. I have some great finds that I think you will like. Keep an eye on the web site as I will be adding something new each week as they come in.

I have been rea
lly excited to be featured in the Quilts and More magazine with a fun little Posh Pumpkin project. It is a set of 9 pumpkins made from assorted colors and textures of Cuddle. They are pretty quick and easy to make, and there is still plenty of time before Thanksgiving for one more project. They would be a great addition to your holiday decorations. 

My newest addition to the site is the “You pick snuggle up blanket kits”

You will find them under the Cuddle Quilt section, and then scroll down until you see the new blanket tab.  I have it set up so you can choose the top, choose a size, then choose the backing and a binding. There are several ways to finish them. You may just want to do the quick method where you sew the back and front together and then turn it, or you may want to spray fuse the front and back together and then bind it. I really like the spray-fuse method for the Soft Fur blankets. They are pretty slippery and hard to keep straight when sewing and turning. It’s easy to spray glue them and then just bind them. You can choose the baby 30” x 36”, 45” x 60”, 60” x 60” or 60” x 72”. I will continue to add picture and different prints as they arrive. I even have a couple of fun appliqué add-ons you are going to love. Each kit will include a project sheet with basic directions. It is also fun to personalize these little blankets with a name and birth date, Just look for the embroidery link at the bottom of the page to add that to your order. 


I'm sure these fun and easy blankets will make you the favorite on anyone’s gift list!

As we head into November, the gratitude month, I am really grateful for friends and family, near and far, espically the friends I have met here in my web store. I love to hear your success stories and help you through your questions.

Lets all remember where our blessings come from….

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