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The most GRATEFUL Time of the year . . .

I love Thanksgiving!  It’s the most grateful time of the year. 

It is also the busiest, so we have to remember to be grateful for dishes, grocery shopping and cleaning because it means we have food to eat, family, friends to visit and warm homes.  "Gratitude Lists" are the best because it helps us to be grateful every day for the little things.  Today, it’s cold, windy and rainy in Idaho and I am so grateful for a warm home and warm cuddle blankets to snuggle up with.

As you make your gratitude lists I hope you can add warm snuggle blankets and think about who you can share one with during this happy season.

My new additions to the site this week are the new Nappy Bag that is featured in the winter edition of Quilts and More Quilt Magazine. I love that magazine, mostly because they love Cuddle and like my projects. I think you are going to love this one. It is a little sleeping bag, 27” x 45”. It is lined and actually has a pillow and a handy pocket attached. The body of the nappy bag folds easily, (well, it’s kind of easy) into that pocket, making a soft and snuggly backpack. It’s perfect for your little one to bring to Grandma’s house or the day care.  The pattern is in the magazine and if you don’t have one, be sure to add it to the order. It’s a great investment; it’s full of great Christmas and winter projects!

If you would like to custom design your own Nappy Bag, check out our “design your own snuggle blanket" section and just order a 45 x 60” front, a matching back (lining) and one coordinating ½ yd piece. That will give you the three pocket pieces.  You can make a lot of grandchildren happy with this snuggle gift.

One of my favorite finds at Quilt market is the Kai Scissors. They are the best scissors ever. Be sure to add this one to your own wish list. It would be a great stocking stuffer….maybe you could help your husband out with that. . . . 

The 5150 is designed for Rag quilts and is my favorite scissor. The blades are just a little bit serrated so they grab the fabrics and cut right to the end. I use them for everything, including appliqué. They are the best for cutting Cuddle fabrics.   The 5165 have a 6 ½” blade. That longer blade gives you a longer cut with the same sharp clean cut. They are great for slick fabrics and cutting right to the point. These are both great gift items for your favorite quilter. The owner of Kai told me these were his two best sellers.

I want to send you all a warm and snuggly Thanksgiving wish to enjoy your holiday, and tell you I am grateful for YOU, my “online” friends and customers. You are the reason I love having an online store!  

Let me help you make someone happy this season with a cuddle blanket.

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