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What's Red, Green, White, and is on sale???

December 3, 2014

Christmas is in the air, and I'm putting it on sale.  Well, at least the stuff you can buy.  You get to make your own memories!  

We have lived through "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday", and I am suggesting that we have another great weekend, but I’m calling it "Green Friday" and "Red Saturday" and "White Monday".

(We are resting on Sunday, we need it).

  **Friday all quilt kits will be 20% off.**  


 **Saturday all items in the Christmas Boutique will be 20% off**

**Monday all scarves will be 20% off
, finished or kits.**

You can’t beat that. I have a great stock of kits and finished quilts so let’s go shopping. If you have a question, have a specific color in mind, or just wonder if there is something special I can do for you, give me a call, I would love to visit. The one drawback of a web store is I don’t get to visit with the customers. I’ll bet we can come up with the perfect gift, and we will have plenty of time to get it figured out. Remember, any order in the US over $100 gets free shipping.  (208-351-7720 I am in Idaho, MST, so don’t call to0 early!)

Are you looking for a bright fun quilt for your little princess? Well, here is the newest from Shannon Fabrics Fab 5 collection. 5 - 10” strips makes this 42” x 60” throw. It will cheer up any little girl that loves pink, and it’s pretty easy sewing.  Keep an eye on the site, by Friday I may have a few more up. 

Enjoy the season, the magic of Christmas, and think about someone on your list who needs a cuddle quilt. Maybe it’s you; you can wrap it from Santa!

Remember, Make someone happy this season, and Make them a Cuddle Quilt!

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