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Cuddle Soft Quilts goes Green!

Cuddle Soft Quilts goes Green

Is anyone else out there ready for spring?

I am sure that somewhere in the world it is spring; green grass, warm sunshine and flowers . . .  I am in Idaho, and today we had 20 degrees for the high and some ground blizzard.  As I looked out the window I just felt like I have had enough of winter. Later in the afternoon I went out my back door, and on the south side of the house in a protected flower bed, there were a few little daffodil leaves peaking out of the ground.  Green!!  There is some green out there!  Oh happy day, there is hope, spring really is going to come!  To celebrate,  I have added some new “green” quilts, blankets and new little “Critter Snuggle- up kits”.  Just to help you get excited about green, any kit on the site that has green in it will be on sale for 10% off for the month of March. Don’t forget that if you spend $100 before the discount the shipping is on me.

I am pretty excited about our items. These little “Critter Snuggle- up kits” are the ideal baby gift. You get a critter and  fabric to make The Critter Blanket, and fabric for a little 30” x 36” Cuddle Snuggle-up Blanket. Just sew the two sides together, turn and topstitch and then cuddle, or snuggle, either way, it’s the softest hug you will ever get! Because these are such fun and easy blankets to make, they make the ideal handmade baby gift.  In order to cover everyone’s favorites I have added an assortment of color combinations.  As you can see, Barker, the brown pup is our favorite. And sales show that Green/brown is the favorite combination for babies as well as adults. I think you will like our new kit combinations.


Our Adult Mocha/Olive Strip Kit  is our best selling kit so I have come up with two new throw patterns.  For those of you who like a little more of a challenge, like spending one day cutting all those strips apart and then spending another day sewing the together (funny how quilters love to do that!)  I have worked up a Quick Brick Cuddle Throwproject sheet that makes the greatest throw. I use the basic strip kit and add three more contrasting strips.  I have instructions for the 45” x 60” as well as the 60” x 72”. 

For those of you who want a quick project I have the Snuggle-Up Blankets in 45 x 60” and 60” x 72” as well.  They are just two pieces of (amazingly soft and cuddly) fabric sewn and turned and top-stitched.  They are great gifts and won’t take you long to finish. You will find the pictures, the kits and backing fabrics for both blankets in the kit section on my site. (Scroll all the way down.)

March is still "inside sewing weather."  Working on “green” projects is almost as good as gardening!  Have a great day and make someone happy - make them a cuddle quilt.

Pat Wodskow

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