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Need a quick gift?? We have it for you!!

Tis the season to be Jolly! 

We are into the Christmas countdown! Only 8 days before Christmas Eve.  It’s time to be making that list and checking it twice, or maybe three times, and then don’t lose the list. I am a list maker, and if it’s not on the list it just doesn’t happen.

We still have a few days left to get some shopping done, so let’s find some more gifts. Check that list, is there anyone on it that needs something warm, soft and cuddly?  Maybe a quilt, a quick scarf or how about a gift certificate for something you can help them with after Christmas!

I still have a few things left in the boutique! Can I ship you a finished quilt for that special person on your list? 
 I have some pretty nice ones that I know will bring a smile on a loved ones face.

Scarves are the perfect gift. (Who wouldn't like a scarf?  Especially these ones!!)  They are small, not too expensive and quick to make, and it’s like wearing your blanket around your neck. You won’t want to take it off after coming in from the cold. Additionally, the kits are on sale this week for $12.99!!

You will find them in the kit section and in the boutique!

Any questions, give me a call….. I can always offer some suggestions. 

(208) 351-7720

If you’re a little behind, but have great intentions, the “kit for Christmas” is still a good idea. We all need a project about January 1, and that’s a good time to be making quilts. 


In all the hurry and rush this week, don’t forget to take time to enjoy the season and what it’s all about. The food, the music, the family and the friends, and the real meaning of Christmas. This is in fact, “the happiest time of the year.”

Thanks for your support and friendship! Snuggle up in your warm quilts and enjoy the season!

ps - I’m still able to do same day shipping on any orders received before noon!  
Merry Christmas to all, and don't forget to take time for the Memories!!

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