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Is it Fall yet??

The snow is gone but that doesn’t mean that its spring or warm in Idaho. It just means that spring in Idaho is a different type of “weather” every day.  My friend told me the other day he likes to get his peas planted early enough for them to get snowed on a couple of times and they will do better. Well, I’m not ready to head outside just yet-there are just too many sewing projects still on the table!

My latest and greatest project is the Cuddle Nappy Bags. This is an old pattern I did years ago that was so fun to make that I decided that we needed to make it over.  It is simple to make and-oh-so-fun to give. Do you remember the old pillow quilts? Well, this one is a little sleeping bag with a pillow that has an extra pocket that you can fold the bag into.  It even has straps so it can be worn as a back pack.

This is the perfect Easter gift (if you hurry), birthday, Christmas, or just a great bag to use when you come to Grandma’s house to sleep.  It is available in three color combinations, but I could put it together in other colors if you want. Just give me a call or send me an email.


Know any pre-schoolers who need a nap mat at school?  They would love this!  (And since cuddle is so washable, you can wash away!)

I’ve also got a few new Snuggle Blankets to add to our collection.  Check out these new prints from Shannon Fabrics Little Star Collection.  These little blankets are 36” x 30” and include the binding fabrics.  Just spray glue the top and bottom together and add the binding. It is available in both pink and blue. These little snugglers are the perfect gift for all year around!



Make someone happy, make them a Nappy Bag!

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