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What are the best Christmas memories made of?

Christmas Memories are special. 
They bring back wonderful feelings of love and joy - and spending time with ones we love.

Sometimes just a simple, special moment can last forever. 

Just like the right blanket can last a long, long time. 
And when you have the perfect blanket, and a great Christmas memory - the rest is history.

We think these Cuddle Quilts are "Perfect Blankets" because:

* they are just the right size (40x60) to cuddle with on the couch during a movie, or story time
* they are super washable - toss them in the washer and let them air dry.  They'll look just as great in three years (or more) as they do now!
* you can sew up it up yourself using our super convenient pre-cut kit, or
* you can purchase one ready to wrap from our Christmas Boutique!
* you can choose to make a lighter quilt, or insert a batting for a warmer quilt
* the matching pillow!  Kids will love it!!


Our lovely Blue and Silver Snowflake Quilt and Pillow

The Adorable Happy Feet, Christmas Penguins Christmas Quilt and Pillow

Know someone who loves Polar Bears? Check out our Polar Bear Christmas Quilt and Pillow!

Check out all of our Christmas Quilt Kits here!

And if you'd rather play (or shop, or clean, or cook) rather than sew - we've got your back! 
Just check out our Christmas Boutique and shop for a ready-to-wrap quilt. We won't even tell anyone you didn't sew it.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

Make some memories (and a quilt or two) and enjoy the magic!

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