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Ready for Something New??

Fall is in the air; and in Idaho, fall can mean we see three of the four seasons in a week; So far, this week we have had sunshine and a beautiful clear day, then snow, hail, rain and heavy clouds! The temperature has gone from 75 to 45 for the highs. I love the fall colors and the late flowers, and I love the feeling of the crisp air and the satisfaction of a great garden harvested and put away.

The other reason I love fall is I can stay inside and sew and not feel so guilty. I can get back to those projects I started, and then start a few more. One of my grandkids had the nerve to tell me the other day there are only 12 Saturdays left until Christmas! It’s time to start a list. I can help you with that!

I’ve been working on updating the web store, and while you will see lots of new items, please know that there are more to come. I’m working on the boutique and every week you will see more finished quilts that are perfect gifts for anyone on your list. Check it out, and if you see something you love, don’t hesitate, as they are mostly one or two of a kind. If you have a special request, don’t hesitate to call, usually I can come up with something you will like.

Check out these new kits:

*  Moon Light Blues    **     Wrangler     **     English Garden     *  (60" x 68")

*  Sweet Treats      **    Tickle Monster     **      Trail Mix   *  (38” x 60”)

*  9-1-1 (38” x 60")    **    Cherry Berry (45” x 60”)   **   Wild Rumpus (39” x 39”)

There is something for everyone here, I love all the new prints and colors. I hope I have inspired you!

Make someone happy, make them a cuddle quilt!

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