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Valuable Savings at Cuddle Soft Kits - Just for you!

September 2011

What a great summer!  It was way too short… but summers in Idaho are short. 

It has been hard to stay inside and sew when it is so nice outside. Unless of course there is an important project; and I had one. I just received my 28th grandbaby. That’s a great reason to sew.

Every baby deserves a cuddle
Hug and any other cuddle blanket we can wrap them in. I made my new little Austin a cuddly blue Hug and a Snuggle Blanket.   It’s so fun to see how these little ones respond to these soft blankets. These little Hugs are such a great gift that every baby needs more than one. If you haven’t ever made a Hug now is the time to try. I have a great selection of them on the site. 

To share the fun and excitement of my new grandbaby, and remember he is number 28 (that is a big accomplishment although not much work on my part) I am going to put the
Hugs on sale for this month at 28% off.  That makes them only $9.12!  You don't want to miss out on this deal!  These adorable/amazingly soft blankets are made from the Cuddle two sided fleece and come with the fabric for a 2” binding.

Go to my learning center and see how easy they are to make. They are even easier to give away. They are the perfect gift. Make your grandbabies happy;
give them a “Hug.
 I just received the new Cuddle Strip Quilt Kits from Shannon Fabrics. I have three new 60” x 72” color ways.  Check them out on the site.

My favorite is the Watermelon Topaz.  It is just a happy quilt. I think this size would be the perfect Christmas gift.   I realize it is still 90° outside and working on Christmas projects is a hard thought, but check these out.  I am certain that if you make one now you will see how easy (and fun) they are to make, and you will plan on giving handmade cuddle quilts to the “Best Behaved” persons on your gift list!

 Just to tempt you I going to take 10% off the price of these three new colors so you can try them.  I have discovered that they make a pretty nice snuggle blanket when you make them without the batting.

Just “sew and fuse” the strip onto the backing fabric and it’s the perfect gift. Give it a try!

Make someone happy, make them a Cuddle Quilt.

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