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One more "Hug"

Just a mid month note to let you know that after many requests for lavender I have finally gotten in my new Lavender Cuddle Fleece.  I have just added two more little Hugs to our collection of “Grandma Bait”. I guarantee that these little blankets will add you to the list of Baby's Favorites.  Remember, they are on sale till the end of the month for $9.12.  This a great way to give a baby a hug.

I have also had a several questions on the proper way to wash the Cuddle quilts.  All of the different types of Cuddle Fabrics are polyester. Polyester is a synthetic and is really easy to care for. The batting we use is a blend of cotton and polyester so it will shrink a little when washed, but not enough to cause concern. 

The best way to wash any of our products is in warm/cold water.  I like to dry them on a low heat setting in the dryer; just let it stay in the dryer just long enough to get warm and fluffy, about 15 minutes.   Then, hang it over a hand rail or drying rack to finish drying.  All of those fun texture designs that you find in our Cuddle/Minky fabrics are heat set. Letting them get too hot in the dryer causes them to “melt” or “wilt” usually causing them to lose their design.  Under regular use, they will wash and dry perfectly, no matter how many times they are washed.  All of my Grandkids have these great blankets and they continue to drag and snuggle them with regular washings.  One of my Granddaughters had some allergy issues as a baby and threw up a lot. She was on all kinds of formulas and we found that the Cuddle blankets never stained.  Lucky Kelsey, she has lots of Cuddle Quilts!

I used to like pairing Cuddle with flannel for receiving blankets.  Mixing the textures makes a fun quilt. They wash well and are fun to cuddle with.  My Grandson Tyler loves his bear blanket.  It has dimple on one side and flannel on the other. Four years later, the dimple is still looking great; the flannel, well that’s another story. It looks pretty bad; he rubs the edges while he goes to sleep.  No matter how we try he is not interested in trading in that blanket for a new one.  So now as I give my grandbabies blankets, I just give the blanket that I know they can love for years.

Happy stitching and remember: Make someone happy, make them a cuddle quilt.


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