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Check out these new beauties! Soft, Warm and the best gift ever!!

It’s that time of year again!

Those beautiful warm sunny days have turned into days filled with cooler temperatures and cool breezes. In Idaho we’ve had hard frosts and crisp mornings.  With in just a few days we are to just 8 weeks before Christmas; I can’t believe I just said that!

Now that the yard and garden are finished up, there is time to stay inside and sew. Now is the time to get going on those soft and warm blankets that are the best Christmas presents ever. A warm Cuddle quilt is the gift that gives hugs all year long. 

I’ve been busy updating the web site, be sure you can take time to check it out!  I am adding lots of new quilt kits. These are kits that I am putting together myself, so you won’t see these combinations anywhere else.

Shannon Fabrics has a new outdoor line called Bear TracksI have chosen to add the black and red combination and the Navy and silver one.

There are some great prints and I think it will make a lot of the men in our lives happy.
There are also some fun new combinations for Mom and the kids!


 I have added a few new “hugs” to the baby line. Shannon has a new Spa Cuddle that is embossed, and it makes the cutest little blankets. They are perfect for the car seat or just snuggling in your lap.   A “hug” is 30” by 36” and is just bound in a contrasting color of Cuddle. They are so easy to make and so washable.  For tips on binding your little hug, go to the learning center library and watch the videos.


Because I know how busy things get this time of year I have also updated the Quilt Boutique I have added many of the finished row by row quilts that I have featured in the quilt kit sections. Some of them are one of a kind, and some made as they are ordered, so if you see one that you like, don’t hesitate. If there is something special you want, or if you have any questions, give me a call, I bet we can figure it out.

Every year my goal is to be finished with the Christmas sewing by Dec 10 so I can get into the fun baking season, Here’s to getting an early start! I hope I have something to inspire you!

Make those kids happy, make them a Cuddle Quilt!

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