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It’s November and in Idaho we have had snow already!  Although I love Thanksgiving – gathering with my family and sharing in a delicious Thanksgiving meal while feeling tremendous gratitude for all of our blessings and love for fellow man -  if you are a crafter like me, you have already started on your Christmas to-do list! And with the snow it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 

My grandkids pointed out on Sunday that there is only 7 weeks until Christmas.  Now it is less than that!  It’s time to make a plan.  As of this week, and the delivery of this newsletter I am starting our own “Count-down till Christmas”.  Today there are only 40 days left!  So, here is the plan.  Every Friday from now until Christmas watch for our newsletter with a great idea or deal to help you with Christmas.   It’s a wonderful time of the year, so let’s crank up those Christmas Carols, pull out the hot cocoa and have some fun!


I returned last week from the International Quilt Market in Houston.  It was pretty amazing.  I get to work with Shannon Fabrics and it is so fun to meet people in the industry that love this fabric as much as I do.  I came away with some great new ideas and I am adding some great new lines. My favorite new line is the Toy Chest. It is a great group for the little boys; trucks, cars and helicopters in bright colors. It should be arriving next week so watch the site for some new kits.  And, Can you guess what the new fabric line being introduced at Spring Market is going to be?

Our latest addition to the site is the great Farm Sweet Farm pattern and quilt kits.  My sister Molly made this appliqué quilt for Spring Market and now she has finally finished the pattern; complete with all the tractor accessories like the bailer, a granary and the rake. Her family is deep into John Deer country with their custom farming and this is her contribution to the family keepsakes. For any of you farmers who love those green tractors - we have the pattern that includes both the quilt and wall hanging. The pattern is full of how-to ideas for appliqué blocks as well as how to put the quilt together using our spray and fuse row by row quilt method.  The quilt kit is available on the web site,  as well as the kit for the wall hanging. This is a great Christmas gift for any farm family.

As we move from Halloween into the Holiday season I like to start my gratitude list.  So Far this month I am grateful for family, grandkids, friends, hot water and warm quilts.  I am so blessed. This is a great season of the year.

As you move into the holidays, if you want to make someone happy, Make them a Cuddle Quilt!

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