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Make it easy! A must-have "Tween" Christmas Gift! (and more)

Five days before Thanksgiving and the Gratitude list gets longer. Today I am grateful for the little things; plenty of food, a warm house, phones, good music and a sewing machine that keeps on going.  I have always loved to give home-made gifts for Christmas.

I remember the Christmases with my little family with so many gifts that we had made for each other. We also loved to make gingerbread houses, cinnamon pull-a-parts, and the kids loved the tree decorated with cookies. Traditions are built on the memories that keep us going when those kids have the nerve to grow up and move away.  Just to keep in the season of sharing, and because I can’t give thank you gifts to my customers we have added a new tab called “warm fuzzies”.  We want to add fun recipes, cute gift ideas and things we can share with our neighbors.  Check it out and see the fun new additions for this week.  If you have anything you would like to share, e-mail it to me and if it fits, we will share it.

Do you have a “tweener” on your Christmas list?  A tweener is that great age group that can’t decide whether they are a teen or a child. It’s a hard age to shop for.  This week I made some quilts for my friend and decided they were so cute I should share them. new "Tweener Quilts"  are 56” x 60”, designed with just 9-7” strips.  I just rounded the corners and left out the batting so they are quick and easy to sew. Just big enough for a good snuggle on the couch or on the bed, but bigger than the baby throws. I have added three happy color ways.  Watch the site for some other new colors.

Is there anything better than cuddling near the Christmas tree with a soft and snuggly blanket?  Just for the Holiday season I have added a Poinsettia Throw Snuggle Up Blanket that is not only beautiful, but so soft it just invites the warm happy season.  I have one style made in the tweener style, for those who want a pieced one, and a two sided throw for those that just want an easy blanket. Just sew the two 54” x 60” pieces right sides together, turn and topstitch. Add a few bar-tacks in the center and you’re done. It will make any family happy.  If you need to send a warm happy Christmas greeting to your grandkids,
this soft snuggly gift certainly says “I love you”. 

It’s the week of black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Watch for our sales flyer on Thursday. No need to stand in line here, you can shop in your pj’s, while drinking that great hot chocolate and eating those yummy leftovers. 

Have a happy Holiday, and make someone you love Happy this Christmas, make them a cuddle quilt.

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