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Looking for a perfect last minute present? How about a Gift Certificate?

It's the count down till Christmas!

It’s December 12; only 13 days until Christmas.  If you’re not sure, ask one of the kids, they can tell you. 

Here at Cuddle soft Kits we are looking for ways to help you have the best Christmas ever.  If you were to ask my kids about a Christmas memory it always will include:   Some gift that Mom lost, or a "kit" for either a Christmas dress,  an outfit  that I didn’t get finished or a quilt of some sort that we were “going to make together” after Christmas.   I decided that giving "kits" was a great way to save me a little stress, and then find time to work together when things were a little quieter. Usually that worked.

If you’re feeling a little rushed, and wanted to give one of our great quilts for a gift, here are your options.   Either order the kit you want, wrap it and work on it together later, or, here is a great new idea, give a gift certificate. We just added them to the website today.  (They are on our home page, scroll down just a bit.)  You can choose the value, and then you can either print it out and give it in a card, or have it e-mailed right to your loved one.  What a great idea, give the gift that will always be the right sizes and color. We think it’s a fabulous gift idea, not to mention fast and easy, and hope it will help you finish that last minute shopping without having to leave the house.  

Another great deal is our "12 Days of a deal" sale.  When you buy $100 of supplies you will automatically receive a free can of 505 Spray Adhesive!  No coupon code is needed.

Be sure to check out the new additions. I have added another baby quilt, Merry Cherry. The kit is based on 11-5” strips and finishes at 44” x 60”.  It’s so bright and happy.  I suggest backing it with the red rose cuddle.  It is so soft and elegant. I have chosen to bind it with white which is included with the backing fabrics. It is just bright and crisp. Remember, these quilts are easy care, easy to wash and easy to love.

I took time to go to Chicago to be the Grandma and love my long distance twin grand-daughters. It’s double love, hugs and smiles. I made them puppy quilts which they will love more later. When we opened them last night all they wanted was the boxes and the paper.  My wish to you is that we can all see the blessings of Christmas through the eyes of a child. They are so trusting, so hopeful and so grateful for every little gift (blessing).The Savior loved the children and as we serve and love him as they see him we will know the real reason for the season.

One more Christmas wish:  Here is wishing you all fun of the best Christmas ever.

Let us help you give the gift of love, make someone happy, make them a Cuddle Quilt.



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