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It’s August; where has the summer gone?

As I think back over the last few months, part of it flew by out in the yard and garden, part went partying with the kids at a few reunions, and the rest of it must have slid by while I was down stairs sewing. Can’t believe we are on the downhill side of 2012!   I even saw Christmas out at Porters this week! (That is our favorite Craft/Fabric store).  I’m not ready to decorate a tree or wrap gifts yet, but I do have some fun new additions to the site that may inspire you to start working on that list for the Grandkids and anyone else that has tugged at your heart strings this year.

In our family, it’s the men on the list that are the hardest to figure out. Well, this year we have two new ideas that I think you will like:

* First is the Pine Needle Throw. It is 60” x 72” and is just nine 9” strips. It is so easy to make. I rounded the corners on this one, (try using a dinner plate) and it really worked up nice. If you don’t like making those corners come out square then you will love this technique!  They look great!  

* The second one is the 60” x 72” Pine Ridge Strip quilt. It's based on Shannon Fabric’s new Robert Kaufman collection.  This traditional row by row is a must for any cabin or family room. You will love the new embossed pine needle solids that we used for accents and backing.  Check them out, I hope you love them as much as I did.


The other great  idea for you is our new Dr. Seuss kits. I just got them in!  These great new Dr. Seuss kits are so popular - and are great for kids of all ages; and their parents that grew up on those great books! The quilt is 60” x 72” and the throw is 45” x 60”.  Based on the basic sew and flip idea, these quilts will be a fun addition to any Christmas or Birthday list.

Did I mention how easy to care for these are?  Just wash and dry on medium heat for about 15 minutes. I like to let them hang to finish drying as they don’t like high heat. They will stay warm and cuddly for a long long time.

Be sure to visit our site and check out all of the other new additions!   You'll see lots of changes and beautiful new pictures! Thanks for all your support and suggestions.  We love to hear your feedback!


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