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What do new Grandbabies love most? (besides their grandma!)

Does anyone have a new grandbaby? 

How about one that just likes to be cuddled?

Or maybe one that needs some big hugs and a snuggle when you aren’t there.  My in-depth research conducted over the last 19 1/2 years shows that grandbabies (of all ages) LOVE a good grandma (or grandpa) snuggle!  Since you can't be with them all the time, I suggest you consider leaving them a “Grandma snugglie” for those days you aren't around.

We have a great idea for you. We have just completed a fun new section on the site called “Snugglies”. They are 30” x 35” and are the perfect little wrap for newborn grandbabies, and a favorite blankie for toddlers. We have offered a similar one before, but this is the new and improved version. In addition we have paired them with our little critter blankets.  They are a great gift set and come in a variety of colors.   Each of our kits comes with a basic instruction sheet.  And of course, they are so washable. * Keep your eye on the site for more additions to our collection.*


We have also added a pattern from Mackay Manor that gives you lots of additional ideas of how to finish your blanket. It even includes patterns for an fun name appliqué.  This is a great way to customize the snugglie blankie for your special grandbaby!

Make somebody special happy - make them a Cuddle Soft Snugglie!

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