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I'm back from quilt market with my bag of goodies for you!

If there is anything that is constant in my life it is change.  I keep saying that things will slow down, next week will be easier. Well, it seems like we get through one busy season and then here comes the next one.  (Anyone else feel this way?)

I made it through Quilt Market! Not only did I “survive” but I really enjoyed it!  Life is like that. Our booth received second prize! All of that hard work paid off. It is great to be part of such a creative and hard working team.  Now, we are already thinking about spring market and I found lots of new ideas for my store. Next week probably will not be slower, but that's okay. I will be grateful for the changes and what I learn from each one.  (That can go on my Thanksgiving Gratitude List!)

Here are a few of my favorite finds at market that I am adding to the site.

These new scarves are amazing. If you love cuddling up in your quilt, try one of these scarves. You can take it wherever you go. They are very classy looking as well as warm. I think they will be the best Christmas gift ever.  The pattern is done by Mackay Manor Musers. The kits will retail for $16.99. The pattern is sold separately.  Right now we have the Fancy Leopardskin (shown left) and black.  Watch for more colors coming soon!


Story Patches are the best Grandma gift ever. By adding a small Q-code label to your quilt (just sew it in with the binding) you can attach stories, videos or photo’s that can be re-played on an Iphone or Ipad to your loved one. What a way to save memories or keep connected. Your little ones can hear you reading their favorite stories to them even when you can’t be there. They retail for $2.99. That should give you a few Christmas ideas.

My most exciting change is that my new “Wrapped Up” quilt was featured in Better Homes and Garden’s Quilts and More Winter issue. This soft and cuddly throw is designed using the Mar Bella collection in either Marina (blue) or Olivia (green). It is the perfect gift for kids of all ages.  Check it out! Be sure to order the magazine for the pattern and other great gift giving ideas.


I have re-stocked my supply of our popular Christmas throw.  If you order now, you can finish it by Thanksgiving and have it ready to give early so it can be used throughout the holiday season. I gave one to each of my kids last year and they stayed out all year! A great reminder of the reason for the season, and also a extra hug from Grandma. This year you can attach one of those fun tags and send a recorded Christmas story or memory of Christmas past.

Enjoy the happy and busy season ahead and remember to make someone happy! Make them a Cuddle Quilt!

(And don't forget to watch our site for more great gift giving ideas!)

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