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What's better than our great new scarves? A PRE-cyber Monday SALE!

It's almost thanksgiving and I am making my gratitude list. Today I am thankful for:  a warm home, warm coats, warm blankets, warm soup, and warm hugs from my friends and family, and especially my grandkids!

It's been 22 cold degrees in Rexburg this week so we are looking for ways to keep warm. We are definitely grateful for "warm and cuddly".

As we head into that "warm and cuddly" season, here are some great suggestions for your gift list:

Would you like to give something that looks really expensive, feels amazing and is very affordable yet it is really fast and easy? You have got to try these scarvesI made me one and wore it last night and I loved it. I wore it around the house for a while because it was so cozy. It is going to be our best gift this year. I have even made one for the littler girls. It's just a little narrower and shorter. It's a great way to give your kids a hig hug. I guarantee your friends and family will be impressed! I have three color ways available, but more are on the way. The pattern is sold separately for $5 and is full of great tips for making your scarf.


My latest new quilt market addition is the Cuddle Q's from Shannon Fabrics. They are a great Pre-cut kit with 8-9" strips. (8-quarter yd. strips)  I have added the Izzy Pastel Print, the Dr. Seuss Prints and the solids Kits to match. I love making the rag quilts and two of these kits makes a pretty fun and easy quilt. These are great beginner projects for the teen-ager that wants to learn to sew. What a great gift idea!  As always, the kits come with a free quilt pattern.



One of my favorite fabric groups from Shannon Fabrics is the Izzy Blossom collection designed by Kelly Boyd. I have the Izzy Topaz row by row quilt, the Izzy Blossom Quilt and some of the snuggle blankets are from her group. You can imagine how excited I was at market to have her come into my booth. Of course she was pretty impressed with what I had made using her fabrics. It was fun to meet her.


I think we are headed into the best time of the year. As you gather with your family and friends this next week remember that the attitude of gratitude is one of our greatest blessings.  This week I am grateful for a wonderful family, a warm and safe place to live, plenty of food and a great country that allows me the freedom to choose. I am grateful for long distance friends that enjoy making warm and cozy gifts.

To show my gratitude I am offering you my Christmas throws at a special discount until Thursday night.  Be sure to check them out!  Then check out the “Cyber Sale” from Friday until Monday night.

Happy Thanksgiving -

Keep making your loved ones happy, make them a Cuddle quilt.

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