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Fab 5 Hearts and flowers


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The new Fab 5 Hearts and flowers quilt is based on our new Soft Embossed Heart Cuddle, using both the fuchsia and the white, accented with the delicate flowers and paisleys done in shades of bright colors. This soft and snuggle quilt will make any little girl happy all year round. These soft Cuddle fabrics as made from 100% polyester so they are super washable and will stay bright and soft for years of warm snuggles. The kit comes complete with the pattern and binding. Just order the 45 x 60"  Soft Embossed Heart Cuddle backing shown below. The best results I also suggest using the 505 fabric spray adhesive and a #90 Stretch needle.  Watch the online video in the Learning center for more information on making a row by row quilt!

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